Dereck and Beverly, “Explorers-in-Residence" at the National Geographic Society are 6 time Emmy Awarded filmmakers, photographers, writers and conservationists. Their prime goal in life is to use their particular talents to enhance conservation and efforts. Their films are also designed to inspire people to take care of the planet. Through their films, largely on the big cats of Africa; lions and leopards, as well as elephants and other wildlife they show a side of the natural world that is often hidden to people, and they explore the meanings, and relevance of the natural world to each and every one of us. “We have to understand that every thing is connected, and as soon as we understand ‘we are a part of’ every system on Earth, the easier it will be for us to find that balance nstead of forever being in conflict with nature, its wild animals and wild places.”

They are the founders of the Big Cat Initiative with National Geographic. BCI has over 20 projects in 7 countries as a result, and has become a major force in conservation of big cats, as well as placing the plight of these cats firmly into the spotlight. Working with the National Geographic and based out of Botswana, the Jouberts have managed to influence policy and people’s perceptions of the wild for over twenty five years. “We all know roughly what is right and what is wrong. Make every decision based on that alone and we will all be in better shape.” Their efforts, as filmmakers, with the Big Cats Initiative and with Great Plains, coincide with one aim: to save the wild places of Africa, and to protect the wild creatures that depend on them. The President of Botswana recently said it well: Theirs is a life long passion; for each other, for big cats, for Africa.. they are true ‘children of Africa.’

Welcome to the latest update of what they are doing.

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