What Makes a Green Carpet Cleaning Company?

A growing number of carpet cleaning Atlanta GA companies these days are “going green,” and this includes carpet cleaning companies. This is in response to growing concerns over global warming and environmental destruction resulting from the introduction of toxic or harmful substances into the environment.

With the introduction of such substances into the ecosystem, the lives of natural wildlife, both plant and animal, the sustainability of natural ecosystems, and even the health and welfare of human populations, are being compromised. Companies that “go green” are those that accept the social responsibility of safeguarding the environment, even while delivering quality service to consumers.

For carpet cleaning companies, environmental safety is of paramount concern, not only because of the use of cleaning agents which can potentially make their way into the environment and the water systems, but also because these cleaning agents used on carpet surfaces will potentially affect the individuals, families, and even the household pets that walk on the cleaned carpets.

Consumers nowadays are more environmentally aware than ever before, and given a choice plenty of people will certainly choose “green” carpet cleaning companies, all other things being equal. The question, then, is just how effective are environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and methods in providing a deep clean to dirty and stained carpets?

Some of the ways by which green carpet cleaning companies stick by their resolution on environmental responsibility, while still providing quality service, includes the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions and substances, the use of cleaning methods that require less water and less power, while also minimizing the incidence of cleaning residue that may cause allergies or adverse reactions in kids, pets, and other people who may potentially suffer allergic reactions.

Those who opt for environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning options often utilize DIY methods using natural, household ingredients such as water, vinegar, salt, borax, and baking soda.  These ingredients do not have the kind of impact most cleaning chemicals have on the environment, and they also have natural cleaning properties.

The difficulty is that not all carpets can be cleaned in the same way, and not all stains can be handled the same way, either. Or even if you are only giving your carpet a general cleaning, dusting and disinfecting, sans any stains, doing it yourself may not be feasible for everyone given the physical demands required by cleaning a considerably large surface area of carpet. And if your carpets are at all valuable or precious, cleaning them may not be a good area for experimentation, either. Even for environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning methods, it is still often best to leave the work to professionals. This is why “green” carpet cleaning companies are steadily growing in popularity among customers.

Ask your prospective green carpet cleaning company what makes them more environmentally responsible than some of their counterparts. Their response will probably be a mixture of material and method, of plant-based rather than chemical-based cleaning solutions, and methods that utilize less water. Plenty of green carpet cleaning companies are already making a name for themselves for effective cleaning methods that have minimal environmental impact if any.

Bottom line, though it may take some additional research and vetting on your part as the consumer, it is entirely possible to find carpet cleaning services that deliver quality cleaning, without causing harm to the environment.