Why it is Important to Your Family’s Health to Keep your Carpets Clean

Plush carpets may feel great under your feet, but those plush carpets can also be perfect places for microscopic enemies to thrive – from dust mites, allergens, pollutants, and even mold, the more foot traffic your carpet gets, the more those tiny health hazards are kicked into the air and your family exposed. This is why it is important to make sure your carpet gets a regular and thorough cleaning.  Doing so not only preserve the color and texture quality of your carpets, it also ensures the continued health and safety of your family.

And regular vacuuming isn’t enough – particularly when you are dealing with wet stains of one sort or another that get into the deeper fabrics of your carpet. Vacuuming, no matter how regularly, is simply not thorough enough. You will want to be able to eliminate any trapped pollutants including dirt, dust, pet dander, and even cockroach allergens. These harmful bacteria can only be effectively removed with the effective methods, techniques, and high powered equipment that carpet cleaning Utah professionals use.

Carpets can also be prone to frequent staining. Aside from the appropriate cleaning methods to remove the stain, whether it be coffee, wine, or other particularly strong stains that work without ruining your carpet, such moisture getting onto your carpet can also conceivably be the source of mold growth and buildup. And if you are in high humidity environments where moisture can seep into your carpet, you’ll want to make sure that bacteria do not thrive in your environment. If you clean your carpets thoroughly, effectively and regularly, you can protect the health of your family, your pets, and the people around you by making sure that they will not come into contact with such harmful bacteria and organisms within their environment.

Don’t trust what you see with your naked eye. The surface of your carpet is only the tip of the iceberg, and that iceberg can potentially be hiding dirt, mud, dust, allergens, molds, bacteria, mites, fleas, and stains. Why take the risk? If you don’t ensure the cleanliness of your carpets, the quality of the very air you breathe within your house may become compromised. And just think of the bacteria that can compromise the health of your family should your children or other family members sit or lie down on the carpet. And don’t forget those irregular incidences when your pets that aren’t housebroken pee or poop yet on the carpet. Just how thoroughly do you think you were able to get the pee out of the carpet on your own?

And finally, for those who enjoy purchasing valuable or expensive Oriental and other exotic rugs and carpets, regular and appropriate cleaning is a way to maintain the quality of your carpets, to prolong its life, and thus to also maintain the value of your investment. But stains and pollutants don’t care how expensive your carpets or rugs are – given the opportunity, bacteria will thrive where they could. No matter the type or quality of the rug you have, keeping your carpets clean, hygienic and sanitary is just another way of ensuring a clean and healthy environment.